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Cupcake Toppers

Evie’s Cake Design are able to provide all of your cupcake topper needs.

Made from 100% EC approved ingredients our toppers are completely safe for human consumption and are printed onto what is essentially a very thin piece of flavourless icing (NOT rice paper) and affixed to a plastic backing sheet to make it easy to handle.

If you would like more information about our toppers, or would like to send us an image, please email us at the following address


Handling your Toppers

Having used toppers of all shapes and sizes for quite some time now I have tried a variety of methods to get them off the backing sheets, and onto the cake, with the minimum amount of fuss and frustration. By far the simplest solution I have found is the following:

1. Cut the sheet of toppers into strips so that you have 3 strips of 4 toppers.

2. Place these strips into the fridge for 15 minutes.

3. Remove the first strip from the fridge and the toppers will pop straight off. Remove all 4 from the sheet before placing them onto the cupcakes or fondant discs.

4. Continue to remove the strips one at a time.

The discs warm up very quickly once out of the fridge and if this happens they will become harder to detach from the backing sheet